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A little bit about our business

Josh Rosalez was born and raised in Peoria, IL. Before getting to where he is today he started making decals right out o his garage. He moved to Bloomington in 2009. He is married and had three children and two dogs. He started in the business because he was needing decals for a car that he had and couldn’t find anyone local to help. With that being said he started a business doing decals and T-shirts. Slowly growing his business he moved to a new location and then was interested in wrapping cars. He took classes and decided he want to wrap cars along with making shirts and doing decals. Check out some of our work by clicking the button below!

Meet the Team!

Josh Rosalez
Josh Rosalez
Nathan Hodges
Nathan Hodges


What People Are Saying

  • Shasta Sodapopo Lilly
    Shasta Sodapopo Lilly
    "Josh does an amazing job. I own 2 businesses and Josh is the only on I let do my custom jobs. He's done t-shirts, my window vinyl and vehicle logos."
  • “ Very Professional and supportive of the community.”
  • Tom Reese
    Tom Reese
    “Josh created all my shirts, jackets and advertising for my business. His work is of the highest quality.”